Learn the Essential Tips for Staffing an IT Team

18/07/2022 |

IT staffing, as the name suggests, is the process of finding and employing IT professionals to carry out the specific task assigned to them. It could be for full-time positions, temporary staffing requirements or contract-to-hire roles. It typically involves outsourcing an IT staffing company to facilitate the overall recruitment process- right from finding qualified and potential candidates to screening and final selection.

However, IT staffing is not a cakewalk and takes a lot of consideration. Here are the important aspects that need to be evaluated before staffing an IT team.

Create a list of Projects and Goals to Accomplish 
The first thing to start with your staffing process for an IT team is to get a clear picture of what you have to accomplish. For this, you can create a list of projects and goals. Define what necessary skills are needed to achieve a specific goal. To keep it more organized, list the projects by order of their significance or chronologically, this will help you get the bigger picture more clearly, making you well-prepared for future staffing decisions.

Prepare Your Skills Inventory 
There are several different IT roles, and each of them requires a particular skill set. To make your task easy and efficient, create a record of the skills required for each role. Once you identify the skills and prepare your inventory, it will be easy for you to determine the gaps through their citation against your needs.

Even when you have prepared the list of skills, you may categorize it into two parts—one with skills that can be developed through training and the second one having skills that may require an independent contractor.  
Make Job Descriptions That are Illustrative of All the Requirements  
Remember, new hires have the potential to cover the skill gaps in an IT company. You can combine the required skills to form systematic bundles, and each bundle will help a single expert to tackle. However, when you will be bundling those skills, make sure they go together in some way. Further, create job descriptions for each position to be filled, clearly stating what skills, roles and responsibilities are required. Also mention soft skills, like teamwork, multitasking ability and more, as these skills are also important for IT professionals. 

Make a team of diverse talent
It is hard to find a person who possesses every skill needed for the team. Particularly, with a growing specialization in IT, candidates who understand the ins and outs of the field and stand out in every area of the field don’t even exist. The new hires should fill specific skills gaps. 
This is where HR consulting services appear to be the reliable source for finding the best candidates to fit the role. They connect with desired professionals who match the skills essential for a given position. The best practice to staff an IT team is to hire different experts in specific areas so they can perform their best when they would be called on for a specific project or task. 

Final Thoughts
Your IT team should have professionals with the right skill, efficient communication and the ability to work in a group. The effectiveness of the team directly resonates with the results they are capable of producing. 

With WebMobril Staffing Solutions- the top IT staffing company, by your side, you can find the perfect, self-determined talent to fill the skill gaps and meet ever-changing demands in the field. We have a team of staffing experts who reinforce your company’s performance through comprehensive HR consulting services. They get their job done as per your requirements by taking care of everything- finding the candidates, their screening and onboarding. So when we are looking for the right talent for your company, you can focus on other areas to drive your consistent growth. 

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