Latest Trend in IT Staffing You Need to Watch For Effective Talent Hiring

24/08/2022 |

Even though the market for IT staffing is highly fragmented, it remains as competitive as ever. The driving force behind this development is the introduction of new technologies like Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). This has led to a considerable shift in demand for IT professionals, mostly in terms of skills and qualifications.  

IT staffing solutions are now focused on the recruitment of IT professionals to fill positions and significantly scaling the quality of hire by searching for the finest candidates. On the other hand, as the world is experiencing economic uncertainties, business pressures, and other odd conditions, tech companies are forced to adopt alternative and hybrid work practices accommodating the needs of employees.     

Hence, with the volatile job market landscape, we have brought the latest IT staffing trends.

Retention and Hiring with Hybrid Work System 

Pandemic pushed all the companies to immediately switch to remote working culture and remained there for almost two years. Now, as the world moves back to normal, HYBRID work culture is prevailing in the job market, especially in the IT sector. And, it is here to stay; it will continue to redefine work strategies.  

IT professionals these days are very much considerate about where, why, and how they are looking forward to work. This has resulted in the emergence of a hybrid work system as a new norm. With work flexibility, organizations are able to gain a competitive edge in the job market.   

However, ironically even with many organizations already embracing a hybrid work system, a high turnover rate is still expected to rule the IT staffing market. According to an article by Harvard Business Review, the turnover rate faced by most IT organizations is likely to remain the same if not rise. This could be due to two factors:  

  • Social Disconnect 

You cannot deny the fact that with work from home system in place, employees are getting fewer opportunities to socialize. They are not able to make friends at work. This detachment is leading to weak connections and communications between coworkers, triggering an easier way for employees to leaving jobs. In absence of social pressure, employees don’t find that bonding factor that often inspires employees to stay.   

  • Expanded Geographical Hiring Area

Remote working culture has undoubtedly widened the geographical radius of organizations to recruit IT professionals. With hybrid work culture, employees do not have to be necessarily physically present in the office. This eliminates the requirement to relocate or commute to the office on daily basis. Employees are seeing this as an opportunity to switch jobs easily and join an organization that they find more attractive, no matter if it is located in another state.

These two factors are potentially leading to high turnover rates and will continue to affect the IT staffing process for the year ahead. But to stay ahead of their competitors, tech companies will have to adopt the hybrid system.

Role of Fair Play as Organizational Culture  

Besides hybrid systems, the concern related to fair play in the workplace is a crucial matter influencing the IT staffing market. Employees’ concerns over topics, like diversity in culture and skills, vaccine instructions, and other societal discussions are significantly driving the recruitment solutions. This is because employees these days are putting great thought into choosing their workplace. They look forward to joining organizations that keep fairness and equity concerns at the core.

Employee Wellness Scheme is the New Metric in Understanding Employees 

Fun-building activities are no more treated as employee well-being schemes. From now onwards, it would be counted as an inevitable policy and not a perk. In 2022, organizations are adopting new well-being measures that encourage their employees' complete state of health to foresee performance and retention more accurately. Mental, physical, and financial health has become vital metrics used by businesses to evaluate their employee base.

 Non-Traditional Career Paths 

With many tech organizations battling for effective recruitment solutions, a prominent IT staffing trend is relaxing degree requirements. Usually, there’s a wide gap between academic knowledge learnt in college and the skills required on the job front to stay future-ready. So employers are also focused on soft skills over diplomas.

This dramatic shift in staffing priorities- from academic skills to non-traditional backgrounds- indicates expansion in the pool of candidates. This strategy of talent acquisition also promotes diversity and inclusivity, which are essential elements in creating a positive culture in the workplace and encouraging innovation.   

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