How To Optimize Your Enterprise Recruitment Process

20/06/2022 |

The recruitment process in enterprises has its own set of challenges and requires a unique strategy. Particularly in large enterprises where resources leaving and hiring is a continuous process. According to a study, in an enterprise with more than 5000 employees, around 500 employees leave on annual basis. That means, on average, 40 positions have to be filled every month, to cover the attrition.

Additionally, there are growth factors that also create new job roles, requiring more hires. That could be for diverse roles in multiple offices based out of different locations. In between all these situations, one thing is common and most important – hiring a good employee.

Therefore, the recruitment services in enterprises need to be resilient enough to handle everything smoothly. 

With an in-house team, enterprises can also seek third-party help through reliable HR consulting services to carry out this cumbersome task. There are several more ways to optimize hiring in enterprises, check out the best ones in this blog.

Create employer brand

Employer brand is a significant approach to a robust hiring process. This may require a little extra effort and investment, but that would be worth seeing the difference. This is important because candidates these days look for everything right, from good compensation and opportunities for growth and development to amazing work-life balance and more. 

The best way to build a brand is by showcasing things that candidates have certainly been looking for. Work on the career page, social media pages and other portals where the company can be searched.

Let the candidates know how great the company is and what are the culture, objectives, values, etc. Seeing all information, applicants will feel motivated to join the company. Moreover, candidates will themselves apply for the position, there would be no need to reach out to potential candidates.

Build a talent pool

As discussed in the earlier part, the hiring process is constant in an enterprise. That said, lots of applications are received, and interviews are conducted. At times, there are many great candidates unfortunately, just one of them gets through to land a job. But it doesn’t mean completely banning them from the company. In fact, those candidates should be told that their contacts have been saved in HR’s database to consider for future openings. This way a talent pool is created, so that when next time there is a respective job opening, already screened candidates can be reached out first. This helps in saving time and costs on the advertisement, thereby making the recruitment process easier.

Start internship programs

Tech giant Google runs an internship program almost for every department- from software development to product management. Many interns have a good shot at getting a full-time job in their respective departments. Not just Google, many other companies also conduct such programs leading to hiring. The internship program is one of the best sources of finding the right talent.

Basically, it helps to discover and engage the best talent even before they would have started looking for a job.  The internship typically hosts young college graduates, hiring them for the full-time job means having energetic and fresh talent.

Be open to external HR consulting services

Getting external HR consulting services can be a huge help. The assistance provided by them helps enterprises to maximize the efficiency of their HR operations. These agencies ease the hiring pressure built on in-house recruiters and hiring teams, so they can carry out other internal tasks of the company.

Right from exploring and identifying eligible candidates to connecting with them, screening and supporting them through the selection process, enterprise recruitment services manage the entire hiring process till the end.

One such HR consulting service provider is WebMobril Staffing Solutions. They have a dedicated team of professionals having expertise in enterprise workforce recruitment. They are equipped with the latest and better ways of hiring to speed up the process for even “difficult to hire” positions.

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