Essential Tips to Attract the Best Candidates to Your Organization

13/09/2022 |

While recruiting staff for your organization, have you ever experienced ‘candidate ghosting’? The situation in which a selected candidate backs out after higher payout negotiation, getting a different job offer with a higher salary, or denying the offered job role. Either of these reasons or the combination of these leads to one common thing i.e. hiring frustrations. It becomes highly infuriating when the candidate dropouts at the last moment (date of joining).

Such situations are posing as powerful challenges to hiring managers. But out of these odds, not all is lost. The right advisory and consulting service can help overcome the challenges and increase your hiring rate.

However, for now, we have brought you four potential ways to implement in hiring approach.

Encourage Current Employees to Promote Your Company

Your current employees can wear the hat of brand ambassadors for your company. Make them aware of the job openings in your organization and ask them to share those within their network. Encourage them to share the company’s mission & values and “why us” among their connections through their social media profiles or word of mouth.  

Revisit the requirements on a regular basis and provide your employees with tips on different methods of “selling” the opportunity to the network. 

On the other hand, the moment there’s a candidate up for the interview, make sure the recruiter spends good time telling the company story and the perks the company offers. You can also have a senior staff joining the recruiter in the interview to share a firsthand review of the role and company.

Put Questions Around Your Company’s Core Values

When interviewing potential candidates, prepare your questionnaire that also includes questions around the core values of your company. While technical questions would examine the skills and knowledge of the candidate, questions around your company’s values will help you understand whether he/she will fit in right or not.

For example, if your company's core values comprise teamwork, ask the candidate whether they prefer working in a team or independently or if they have ever had difficulty working with a manager or other team members. You may also give a simulation exercise to get a more genuine answer. This will help you spot the right talent who perfectly aligns with the core values of your company. You can also figure out the potential candidates you can train and shape to fit in the role. The staffing advisory and consulting services can help you frame such questions that revolve around your company’s values.

Evaluate Your Perks & Compensation Offerings

The job market has become extremely competitive nowadays. If you are struggling with candidate ghosting, you may need to reevaluate the current benefits and perks offered by your company. Ensure that they meet the industrial standards and are competitive enough to entice potential candidates. Things such as health insurance, travel allowance, incentives, bonuses and bill reimbursements are perks candidates are looking for along with CTC.  

If you are losing candidates after a salary discussion, it could be because you are paying lesser than the current market rate or your competitors are ready to pay much more than your offer. In that case, you need to do market research to find the present rate for the job role you are hiring in. If you cannot match the trending market rates, consider increasing hiring bonuses or offering attractive perks.  

Moreover, the work-life balance also matters the most for job seekers. Ever since remote work culture was forced by pandemic situation, flexibility in work schedule became another important factor for successful hiring. Many companies have already announced the hybrid work model that allows employees to work from both home and office at their ease.

Hence in case of frequent candidate ghosting, you probably need to work on fixing the perks and compensation.

Get Advisory and Consulting Service

The staffing landscape is growing competitive and complex day by day. So, partnering with advisory and consulting services can help overcome the challenges you might be facing in hiring staff for your organization. They can provide the best practices and approaches for an effective hiring process.

You can consider partnering WebMobril Staffing Solutions, who can help you identify human resource challenges your organization might have been facing for some time. They can assist you in improving your HR operational efficiency, unlock development potential and offer practical solutions to streamline the process and increase your hiring rate. 

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