Don’t Let Job Firing News Make You Anxious About your Job Security

17/11/2022 |

With the current scenario in the corporate sector, some big names like Meta, Twitter, etc., firing huge numbers of employees, job security has again surfaced as the major concern among white-collar employees. People in jobs are feeling anxious, which is quite natural, but it is more important to learn the ways of dealing with anxiety. It is better to be prepared in advance; you must be aware of the methods used to handle such situations. So that, instead of being fearful, you can have full control of your career and feel empowered and less anxious. 

Even in the time of stability, you should take a proactive approach to your career. You can refer to an advisory and consulting company that can help you come out of anxiousness. Meanwhile, here are some ways you can utilize to manage the fear of job security.  

1. Get the situation under control 

The first thing to manage your anxiety is to acknowledge it. We must accept that right now we are in a phase of rapid and uncertain changes. No one can foresee the changes likely to come for a while. To deal with the anxiety and negativity you are facing, recognize what these feelings are for. This way, you will be able to think about which aspects you can control. 

Self-awareness is, in fact, the primary key to dissolving your worries. You should trust in your abilities and get prepared for any upcoming change. When you let go of self-doubt, your productivity levels increase, and job insecurity reduces. 

2. Turn any situation into an opportunity 

If you are sensing a possibility of substantial changes in your professional situation, the primary step to addressing the challenge is to turn it into an opportunity. With an approach and growth mindset of learning lots of new things regardless of circumstances opposite to what you have planned, you will be on track for long-term professional growth. 

Reframe your perception, try to see the upsides a situation may bring for you, and do not focus on noticing the disadvantages. With such a thought process, you will be able to make an adaptable plan and set your personal goals.   

3. Convert your nervous energy into proactivity

It is true that getting concerns and anxiety out of your head can be a difficult thing, but you should at least try. The best way of doing this is to focus on being as proactive as possible. Along with supporting your professional growth, this practice will help stimulate your well-being and prevent workplace stress.

On the other hand, try setting SMART- specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely development, objectives for yourself that will help you stay motivated and focused on the target. 

4. Don’t mind revising your future plan

Instead of utilizing your energy on how you are feeling about your present situation or related concerns, reflect on your career and goals. Seek answers from your inner-self whether your goals are still aligned with what you actually want from your life. This might prompt you to explore the least noticeable opportunities. 

Most of us usually prepare a five or 10-year plan way before a crisis heads up. No matter it is a concrete plan or on paper, or in your head- be flexible to alter this in a time of crisis. Revising your long-term career plan will help reduce the anxiety about what is happening right now. It will keep you motivated to get through it and believe there will be a future. 

5. Build a financial safety net 

The anxiety about job security primarily revolves around a practical consequence- loss of income. In most people, the fear is about losing financial security. If you are also feeling restless because of this insecurity, it is better to look at how you could create a new sense of safety by actively weaving your financial safety net.  

To start with overcoming financial fear, get clarity on what you need every month to pay your bills. Additionally, think about different ways to reduce your expenses or superfluous spending. At the same time, be truthful about how and how much you can earn and save. 

Bottom Line- Stay Positive, Future is Still Bright 

Overall there could be numerous reasons to feel worried right now, but also recognize the equal number of things that can make you feel optimistic about the future. Although the recent mass layoffs by big companies have made the job sector unstable, you have to keep yourself calm and not let the situations impact your productivity. These companies could have their own reasons for it. Instead of sinking in thoughts, its time to get in action. 

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