Cracking Finance Interviews Get Easy… Here is the Key

16/12/2022 |

When it comes to finance job interviews, even highly skilled professionals feel intimidated and nerve-racked. It gets really difficult to overcome the anxiety during the interview. As a result, irrespective of your knowledge and skills, you may fail to perform up to the mark. 

However, being prepared can go long way in pacifying those nerves. You can also seek help from a financial recruitment service that can provide you with the best ways to conquer the fear of interviews. 

For now, here are a few tips you can utilize to sail across the interview process with poise and confidence.   

Do Your Research 

Being a professional in the finance field, it becomes really important for you to do research in advance of your interviews. Devote at least 30 minutes, regardless of how busy you are, to learn everything about the company where you will appear for the interview– its financial performance, culture, history, mission statement, values, clients, competitors, etc. Many interviewers ask, “What do you know about our company?” You must be prepared to answer this. Candidates who give time or understand the importance of the research usually stand out from those who don’t.

Review Your Resume 

A resume is your first impression, so that should be perfect. Make sure you have proofread your resume meticulously and that it is error-free. Review both soft and hard copies of your resume, a few errors may stick out depending on how you look at it. Pay attention to spelling and grammar. 

Once you are done and confident of it, ask someone else for proofreading. They may catch something that you missed. 

Brush Up On Excel

With an aim to advance your career in finance, you need to become proficient in Excel. Even if it is an entry-level position, you should be able to build models using tools like macros, pivot tables, Vlookups, table arrays, and discounted cash flow analysis. If possible, keep some examples ready to demonstrate how you’ve used Excel in the past. The interviewer can also ask you to take an Excel test on the spot. If you are already an expert that is fine, if not, focus on developing your skills.


Demonstrate Your Industry Knowledge

A part of your finance profession requires you to stay up-to-date about the industry. Every time a new accounting standard and financial technology are introduced, citing some recent narratives in the context of your interview can indicate that you are following the news. Even the interviewer may ask you about recent news in the finance sector and how it could impact the company's operations. 

Highlight Something That Makes You Stand Out

Financial modeling is one of the most complex skills in finance, if you have it on your resume and successfully demonstrate your knowledge about it, you will certainly stand out. However, having no experience in it, you can explore different skills that set you apart from other contenders. It could be your amazing presentation skills or the ability to create advanced charts or tables. You can also mention if you’ve been a part of a team that led a multi-million dollar acquisition. Just make sure to highlight such things on your resume and try to pick an opportunity to discuss it during the interview.

Bottom Line

There’s tough competition in the finance field, so you must gear up yourself with the best tools. Use these tips with your experience and accomplishments to get an edge over your competitors. You can take professional help from a finance recruitment service like WebMobril Staffing Solutions. 

They are a finance staffing solutions provider that bridges the gap between the right talent and the company. They not only provide various opportunities for finance interviews but also ensure you are ready to take the interview without any fear. 

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