Can’t Decide Whether to Outsource or Not? Here are a Few Essential Points to Consider

06/12/2022 |

Are you confused about whether to outsource recruitment or not? Well, this is something you cannot decide by tossing a coin. There are several different points to consider and compare their relevancy with your needs. Only then you will be able to make your final choice. 

Today, nearly two-thirds of all companies outsource some or all of their recruitment services. But it is not that you are bound to go with the trend only. You must make the decision on your own, around your needs. If you find it overwhelming, here are a few things you can consider to decide whether to outsource or not.

Here are the main points to consider.

Service Cost

Whether it’s a startup or a big enterprise, every business looks out for ways to save money before investing in anything. The same goes with outsourcing decisions; costs should be a priority even when considering outsourcing your recruitment process. It can surely be a potential cost-saving approach as major costs like- manpower costs and office maintenance costs are all reduced. With fewer people in your office to worry about, you can have increased flexibility for future projects requiring more or less staff. 

However, the cost of outsourcing majorly depends on the services you need. Do you only need Advisory and Consulting services to help you streamline your staffing services or just IT Staffing and Recruitment Solutions? There will be a disparity in costs depending on the services you need. 

Quality of Service

Your growth depends on the quality of staff, and remember - not all staffing services are made equal. You have to do extensive research to find the best recruitment outsourcing companies. An important point to note here is that a good outsourcing service may impact the costs as well- you definitely would not prefer the lowest-cost service over the highest quality. After all, it is all about the difference between bad hire and good hire. Bad hiring can anyway lead to being more expensive in terms of productivity, task delivery and frequent dropouts. 

Trait of Controlling 

Some people have an obsessive need to take control of everything around them. Are you one of them? In that case, before outsourcing your recruitment services, you will have to learn to let go of a few things. You will not be hand-picking each candidate anymore. Outsourcing will be the right move for you only when you are able to eliminate your control freak trait. But that doesn’t mean the process will be completely carried out of your sight. You will be able to monitor the process and progress made by your recruitment outsourcing company. 

Competitive Advantage

You would obviously want to stay ahead of your competitors. Outsourcing also influences your competitive edge depending on other factors. For instance, if you have a small enterprise or a startup, your resource will be not similar to those of a large enterprise. But when you join hands with recruitment outsourcing companies, they can bring in resources to help you compete with bigger companies in terms of talent acquisition.


Now that you are aware of various things related to outsourcing, you can proceed with finding and hiring a reliable company for it, and that could be WebMobril Staffing Solutions. They work as your extended HR team to fulfil an effective recruitment process. WebMobril Staffing Solutions ensures bringing highly skilled resources with innovative techniques.  

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