An Overview of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

23/11/2022 |

In today’s corporate ecosystem, outsourced recruitment is getting evidently popular. Commonly known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), it is an overall business strategy that involves sourcing, recruitment and hiring of employees by third-party experts. Outsourcing – whether a part or entire recruitment process- to a service provider can positively impact productivity and profitability. The recruitment outsourcing companies work on behalf of the company to optimize efficiency and maximize the ROI of the hiring process.  

But when do you need to outsource your recruitment process? Here are four reasons you should consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

1. Find the Best Fit

To find the best talent outsourcing process encourage sourcing from a huge pool of resources. They source candidates on their own, through various programs like employee referral programs or job postings on the company career site. It creates a large pool of candidates that broadens the scope of finding top talent from available resources. Additionally, they help build your employer brand. 

2. Ownership of Candidates

When recruitment outsourcing companies present candidates to you, they don’t own them. Those candidates are for your company, even if they are outsourced by third-party experts. Once the candidates are presented to you, they come into your pipeline no matter whether the outsourcing company has sourced them through their company website or employee referral.

3. Services beyond Hiring

The outsourcing process doesn’t limit to sourcing candidates; companies offering recruitment services manage entire things. They take care of your people, process, technology, onboarding strategy and more. You are not required to write job descriptions nor have to do candidate screening. Well-established recruitment outsourcing companies like WebMobril Staffing Solutions typically strive for long-term relationships with clients and strategic partnerships with built-in responsibility to ensure a consistent talent pipeline.

4. Worthwhile Investment

Outsourcing companies charge as per your chosen services (partial or complete recruitment). Mostly, they charge a monthly management fee for handling the overall hiring system, along with transactional fees to fill individual positions. However, total costs of the recruitment outsourcing process are 60% to 75% less than what some agencies charge. Moreover, you get the advantage of engaging your internal team on other tasks.

Key Sages of RPO

When you have learnt the reasons and are now ready to take recruitment process outsourcing services; next you must be aware of how they function. Here are the stages involved in the outsourced recruitment process.   

  • Data collection – The implementation manager for recruitment process outsourcing collects data on the company’s current recruitment processes and carries out a stakeholder analysis. This is the most important step in employing an outsourcing service and may take up to two to three weeks.
  • Roadmap Creation – Based on information received in the initial stage, recruitment process outsourcing companies prepare an exhaustive roadmap, outlining all the required actions by the internal recruitment team, HR, hiring managers and the outsourcing services team. 
  • Change in Management Plan – As the new team starts to take the recruitment job and focus on their responsibilities, the management plan needs to change. This will demonstrate how the company will be managing the internal messaging and timelines for the smooth onboarding of the outsourcing company.
  • Training for both Teams –Stakeholders from both the company and the recruitment outsourcing team undergo training to ensure the success of the partnership and process. The objective of the training is to bring every individual on the same page with the rationalized hiring process, technology and responsibilities.

Bottom Line

Now you must be clear and decide about hiring a recruitment outsourcing company for which you can choose WebMobril Staffing Solutions. They offer comprehensive and customizable recruitment process outsourcing services while ensuring to source the best talent aligned with your business goals. They provide reliable solutions that allow businesses to assess and hire in volume. 

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